Buy Our Fabric Posters and Music Wall Tapestries Online  

Welcome to Licensed Products Group International! Although we do not sell our fabric posters directly to consumers (only retailers) we want to help you find our products. If you have trouble finding a store that carries our line of high quality music wall tapestries, or the websites we've listed don't carry the bands that you want, please let us know. We'll help you find a place to buy the fabric posters that you are looking for. You can email us at:

Find our high quality fabric band posters on the following websites:

Backstage Attire

Electric Pixel

Infinity One

Jiggy Enterprises

Planet Caravan Music

Quantumchaos Media

Rasta Empire

Rock America

Rock Merch Universe

Rock Star HQ

Star 500

Stores, if you would like to link to our site and have ours link to yours, please email us at: or call us toll free at 800.409.8988.


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